"The piece was co-written by Dana Yeaton and Vanessa Dunleavy. Dunleavy also stars as Vivi Donovan, a blond-wigged, chippy late-night lounge singer. She’s fabulous...these twists wouldn’t work without Dunleavy’s vocal chops and subtle comedic acting. The opening parody is broad but never too much, and the audience reacted to every forced smile and (intentionally) tired joke...I was carried along, still laughing but unexpectedly moved."

-Chris Bord, Moss Island Sounds (reviewing "My Post Traumatic Cruise Ship Cabaret")


"Vanessa Dunleavy’s ridiculously fun, funny, and sometimes touching “My Post-Traumatic Cruise Ship Cabaret” premiered Thursday at Middlebury’s Town Hall Theater...At Thursday’s premiere, Dunleavy proved a multi-dimensional entertainer. Not only was she an excellent singer in myriad styles, she was a charming and witty comedienne capable of making all sorts of zaniness sympathetic."

-Jim Lowe, The Rutland Herald  (reviewing "My Post Traumatic Cruise Ship Cabaret")


"Vanessa Dunleavy is beautiful, sexy and brooding as vampiric Morticia."

- Sheila Barth, Independent News (reviewing "The Addams Family")


"Dunleavy makes Morticia super-sexy... It's Dunleavy who steals the show... when (Thomas) Derrah isn't stealing it back, that is."

-Kilian Melloy, Edge Boston (reviewing "The Addams Family")


"Tracy's rivals Amber and her mother Velma couldn't be better cast than they are with Emmeline Wood and Vanessa Dunleavy. They both throw themselves into these villainous parts with glee."

-Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway (reviewing "Hairspray")